Igloo Glide Pro 110

Built tough with maximum cooling performance, this rugged 120-quart cooler with extra-large, reinforced handles excels in the face of dirty jobs....


Igloo Marine Ultra 128

Featuring a full suite of marine-grade features, from UV protection to rust-proof stainless-steel hardware, this fishing-ready....


Igloo Maxcold Polar 120

Built tough with maximum cooling performance, this rugged 120-quart cooler with extra-large, reinforced handles excels....


Basic features of any portable cooler

In this article we will pass all the basic features that any portable cooler must have in order to fulfill its maintenance functions effectively cold...


Igloo Maxcold Playmate Elite

In this article we will see all the features of the Igloo Maxcold Elite, one of the market purchased portable coolers....


Igloo Sportsman 40

In this article we will go all the features of the Igloo Sportsman 40, one of the most indestructible portable coolers of the market....


Tips to maximize ice retention igloo coolers

Igloo Coolers are very strong and tough, but durability is just one of the benefits of an Igloo. Igloo Coolers are among the best insulated coolers on the market today. Use the information below to maximize your Igloo Cooler’s performance...


Small Coolboxes for Picnic

At the time in which we are, and into spring and good weather, whenever we want more outdoor activities. The picnic is perfect for spending long hours with friends, making barbecues or just taking lunch or snack from home, for this we have the mini...


How to choose a Coolbox for camping

One of the cheapest ways to travel, is selected as the camping accommodation is a perfect choice for traveling by car, caravan or motorhome. In the same way we can stay in plots where we can have our caravan or a tent, or in a wooden house...


Coolboxes for basketball

As we know, in any sport we make need to be very hydrated and energetic to perform at maximum in the sport to practice. Today we are going to talk about the coolers for basketball and the sport itself...


Coolboxes for cycling

Cycling is a sport that has more followers every day and is increasingly practiced by both road and mountain. The cycling today is an Olympic sport and practiced as a hobby by numbers people...


Portable coolboxes for outdoors

Who said that you can not go to the beach or anywhere in style and keeping our food and drink in perfect condition? Fridge with bags igloocoolers have the perfect solution, because they are very comfortable to transport...


Coolboxes for Rugby

Rugby is a contact sport that was born in England, where the same rules were made in the town of Rugby, hence its name. In the British Isles this sport is very popular in France and has spread to other continents, where the sport is practiced...


The Ice and its conservation out of the freezer

Ice is one of three states of water and natural forms when the water temperature drops below zero degrees centigrade, it is provided that is at atmospheric pressure..


Food preservation by cold

The application of low temperatures in food is one of the most widespread and oldest conservation systems in the world.There are three types of food preservation by ...


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